Why Your Business Needs a Beautiful Website

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Why do you need a beautiful website for your business? Why not a crummy, hideous website for your business? I think as soon as you read those two sentences, it’s feels obvious why your business needs a beautiful website. But just humor me as we discuss why. 🙂

Business owners — small businesses owners especially — have worked hard to create the business they’ve built. Making sure that you have a beautiful website for your business can be a great way to bring in more customers, and to seem professional, and inviting. Here’s one reason why your business needs a beautiful website: Appearances matter. Consider this scenario:

You want to buy a new toothbrush.

You can walk into Store A. As soon as you walk in, a well-groomed staff member greets you at the door and invites you in. The store has good lighting. It smells good. It’s bright and happy looking. You look for your toothbrush, and a-ha! Right there, under a large, clearly printed sign that says “Toothbrushes,” is an organized shelf with toothbrushes of various styles. You choose the one you want. You buy it.


You walk into Store B. The clerk, sitting near the back of the store, snorts at you in greeting, and then breaks into a coughing fit. The overhead light is flickering. It smells a little like mildew. You look for your toothbrush. Ah, yes. After hunting around for a bit, you find it, wedged between a box of Cheez-Its and a box of nails. There are no other toothbrushes in the store, so you go buy it. They don’t have any change for your cash, and they don’t take credit cards.

Unless you’re Beetlejuice, you’re picking the professional, beautiful store. Now imagine the website equivalents of those two stores. Which one do you want representing your business?

So why don’t you have a beautiful website for your business?

Is it time? We just need to spend a small amount of time to connect about what you want out of your website, and we’ll take it from there. We offer full service packages, and we can take care your website forever (just get in touch with us and we can discuss options).

Is it money? Once we know what your goals are, and what you want out of your website, we can build a website that fits in your budget (just get in touch with us).

Is it that you don’t think you need a website? Search your business name now and see what comes up. Is the first thing that comes up something that’s in your control? Is it a beautiful, responsive, easy to use website? Then maybe you don’t need us! But if your business needs a beautiful website, get in touch with us now.