Find Nirvana.

We are Nirvana Web Solutions. A boutique web design & development studio, offering beautiful, responsive web development for your business.
We are your web developer in Howard County, Maryland.


We plan & design clean, beautiful sites that maximize user engagement. We can work closely with you, or you can leave the design work to us. We'll make sure your web presence is beautiful, responsive, clean, and optimized for user engagement.


What's the point of having a great web presence if nobody can find it? We optimize sites for search visibility, and we employ best practices to do so. Our search engine optimization strategies can help take your business to the next level.


We develop responsive websites, optimized for mobile and tablet. We will develop a site for you that meets the highest standards of usability, and is aligned with current best practices for user-friendliness, from start to finish.


We communicate clearly, and offer transparent pricing up-front. Once we know what your project entails, we'll give you a clear number -- no surprises. And we're real people in Howard County, and we're always only an email away.

Pricing for Web Development Projects

1 We will work closely with you to determine the goals of your business web presence. Through an in-depth discussion of your needs, we can gain a sense of your goals. Next, we'll determine the degree to which you'd like to be hands-on in the management of your website. (Are you looking for ongoing maintenace and hosting, or a single site build?)

2 Once we have a sense of the scale of the project, and the level of support you'll need going forward, we'll determine a price quote and offer a timeline for launch. If you agree to the terms, we'll each sign off, and we will collect the full payment for the initial build from you up-front (if you need web management and support, we offer recurring billing on a monthly basis), and we'll begin!

3 We will have your build completed within our agreed-upon timeline. From then on, if we are continuing as your webmaster and support team, we will continue to manage your site each month (hosting, server, upgrades, maintenance), and if we set up a retainer agreement, we will be available to answer questions or even update your site (as per the terms of our retainer agreement).